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tips_tricks_page This page will help you understand some of the computer terminology, such as "resolution", "vector graphics", bitmaped images" etc. Also, you will learn how to choose the right file for printing and some tricks about the banner design.

Corporate Logo.
For best results your company logo should be in lineart form (vector graphic) such as Illustrator EPS file. The biggest advantage of vector artwork is that it is resolution independent, so graphics can be reprinted at virtually any size.
Of course, it is possible to use bitmaped files (such as JPEG or TIFF files) to print a good quality logo with sharp edges. But please make sure that you have a high resolution (see below) image, otherwise your logo could turn out blurry and "pixilated".

How to check the image resolution?
If you have Adobe Photoshop.
Open you file. Choose in menu: IMAGE/IMAGE SIZE. You we'll see the following window:
If the resolution of your file is 300 pixels/inch and the size of the file is 1-3MB - this is a high resolution file good for printing.
If the size of you file is around 100K (Pixel Dimensions), 2-3 inches and 72 pixels/inch - then you have a small, low-resolution file which is unacceptable for printing.

How to check the image resolution if you don't have Adobe Photoshop.
Follow the simple rule
" The BIGGER file - the BETTER results".
The size of your logo file have to be at least 1 MB.
"The BIGGER - the BETTER" rule is also good for any other bitmaped images (digital photos, scanned images, etc.) that you want to see on your banner.
For example, if you would like the size of your picture to be 22" x 36" on the banner, the size of this file has to be, approximately, 2 -10 MB (120 pixels/inch minimum resolution for actual 22" x 36" image size).


one_page_only Make your banner eye-catching. Don't try to reproduce your corporate product catalogue into the banner format - it has "ONE PAGE" only. And your customer has 10 seconds to read the banner passing by your tradeshow booth!

design_images_small Choose 1 or 2 bright colourful images as the centre of your banner composition. One big tasty picture of Christmas turkey is always better than just cooking recipe.

design_text_small Avoid using complicated charts with detailed specification of your products, or "poems" about your service
Keep your text (product/service description, special offer or whatever you want to tell your customers) simple, short and big. Remember, this is a banner, not a brochure.

margins_small Do not put your logo (text, pictures) too close to the top or the bottom of the banner - indent at least 3"

fonts_small Use BOLD fonts, big enough to be readable from a distance of a few feet.

website_small Use your website name on the banner as your prime contact information. It's easy to remember - easier than 10 numbers of your phone.

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